2016 Hyde Park Korean United Methodist Church VBS application

2016년 하이드팍 한인교회 VBS 신청서 

일시 Date: 8월 25일(목) ~ 27일 (토) 오전 9:00~오후 1:00

장소 Location: 하이드팍한인교회 (5600 S Woodlawn Ave. Hyde Park Union Church 3층)

등록비 Fee: $10

아래 항목을 작성하신 후 "등록하기"버튼을 눌러주십시오. 자녀당 따로 등록해주십시오. 등록비는 성경학교 당일에 내시면 됩니다. 


Please click "submit" after filling out this form. Please use separate form for each child. Fee should be paid on the first day of the VBS.   

성별 | Sex *
전화번호 | Phone *
전화번호 | Phone
By clicking “Submit”, I authorize the leadership of Hyde Park Korean United Methodist Church, HPKUMC, to care for the administration of first-aid treatment for any minor injuries my child receives during the event. If the injury sustained is life threatening, or in need of emergency treatment, I authorize the leadership of HPKUMC to summon any or all professional emergency personnel to attend, transport, and treat my child. I agree to hold harmless any staff, assistants, and volunteer workers of HPKUMC from any and all claims, suits, costs, and actions of any kind whatsoever, arising from their exercise of the power granted by this authorization. *